Professional Development Manager (PDM) allows organizations to track users professional development. It tracks the training history of each user and creates a training record of their progress.  The software allows a professional development department to effectively manage all aspects of employees training.


Allow employees to quickly find courses online.
Save on having to print paper course catalogs.
Easily notify employees about course availability.
Allow employees to register to attend a course online.
Track all courses an employee has taken and the grade they got for the course.
Issue course certificates and track when they need to be renewed


PDM allows create trainings, events, and products that a user can then purchase.
It allows an organization to create an account and then register all of its employees for a training at one time.
It handles a variety of training types, including online, internal, and trainings that span multiple days.
It handles payment via Authorize.Net and Stripe and any payment processor can be added to it.

Below is the administration menu


Quick and easy sign up process. It takes less than a minute to create an account on PDM. Below is the simple sign up screen.

PDM uses the easy and familiar shopping cart process to register and pay for courses.

Users have quick access to all of their important information directly from their account page.



  • Web based application that can be used from any web browser. Built on the powerful Microsoft Web Application and database platform.
  • Customizable home screen. You can select which trainings show up on the home screen. You can also update all of the various text areas and links.
  • Sell trainings, events, and products.
  • Easily switch to a calendar view of trainings.
  • Works on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Accepts payments online via Authorize.Net or Stripe or your own payment processor.
  • Agency and Community trainings – your trainings and 3rd party trainings.
  • Powerful waiting list system for trainings.
  • Email notifications of all activity on the website e.g. training registrations, updates, cancellations, etc.
  • Emails contain iCalendar functionality to automatically create appointments in your Outlook or email program calendar.
  • Cut off registration date for trainings in addition to standard start and end date and time.
  • Sign-In sheet. Agency can print a sign-in sheet for participants to sign.
  • Real-time status update about available slots for each training.
  • The ability to contact either the agency or the trainer from the training detail page.
  • Handles participant, agencies, and trainers. Each user type has their own administrative screen to manage their account information and trainings.
  • Agencies have the ability to create participants and trainers and assign them to trainings. Agencies can also bulk register their employees for a particular training.
  • Trainers can register and upload support documents. They would then need to be verified by the organization before their account becomes active.
  • Users can search for and view details about a trainer including all of the courses they are currently associated with.
  • Participants have access to every training they have ever attended. This information is kept online forever.
  • A training can easily be copied to create a new training – including the participants registered for the training.
  • Admin and agencies can easily contact a participant or all participants registered for a training.
  • CEU training option. Participant can obtain CEU credits for a training.
  • Training option for meals provided. Let participants know if a meal is provided with the training.
  • FAQ, Training related website links, articles, and success stories can be created and shown on the site.
  • Full admin functionality to access and update all of the information on the site including all trainings, participants, agencies, and trainers.
  • Powerful search functionality to quickly find any training, trainer, or agency.