We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) business that specializes in providing online software solution to non-profits. inelion classifies itself as a low-profit LLC. Unlike other for profit companies our primary objective is not profit optimization but social impact optimization. This is reflected in our unique pricing structure which includes giving away our software free of charge to any organization that needs it but is unable to pay for it. inelion has been building software for non-profits for over eight years and our focus has always been to deliver functional systems. Another aspect that sets us apart is that we are not focused on contract deliverables we are focused on functional deliverables. Our objective is to deliver working software systems not the fulfillment of a contract. For us it is ultimately more important to have a measurable impact on people’s lives than to make money on a contract. When we say we help you to help people we mean it. It is not just our slogan it is our primary directive and the reason we get out of bed in the morning.

Our values



Common good