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Early Learning Coalition of Miami: Professional Development Institute

When the Early Learning Coalition (ELC) decided to expand their training department into a Professional Development Institute, they knew they would need custom-designed software to manage it. They needed to provide an online portal for users to search and register for trainings and conferences, while also tracking past results and various certifications. inelion was awarded this contract based on our prior experience building a similar system for Children Services Council of Broward. The system is very similar to a university course registration system but designed for the needs of the corporate training environment. As an ongoing project, inelion is continuously upgrading the software on a monthly basis to meet ELC’s needs as they continue to grow and expand their training program.


Urban League: Program Services Portal

When the Urban League found themselves overloaded with manual paperwork processing they turned to inelion to solve the problem. Working with their existing IT consultant, we designed a web-based portal that would allow all of their affiliates to enter data online instead of submitting it via email and paper. The system would then cross check and process the submitted data, and route it to the respective parties responsible for signing off. The system tracked exactly what services were provided to each individual and created reports for the parties involved. In addition, the system established monthly and quarterly goals for each affiliate and tracked their progress in meeting those goals. A dashboard provided a quick view of goals with status indicators regarding progress meeting them. Since the implementation of the system, the Urban League has been able to completely eliminate all paperwork and increase operational efficiency significantly. 


Florida Foster Care Review: Case Management System

After working with existing case management software for years, Florida Foster Care Review (FFCR) came to the conclusion that they needed a custom-designed software solution to meet their specialized needs. Due to our excellent reputation working with other non-profits in Florida, they selected inelion to design and build the solution for them. FFCR needed an application that would track all aspects of a foster care child – from the moment they entered the system until they left it. The system tracks all required metrics for each child, including things like education, medical, and mental health. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, inelion also implemented HIPAA-compliant protection to ensure its safety. After collecting the data, the system generates complex reports for different parties. In terms of the user interface and data collection, Case Manager is one of the most complex systems inelion has designed. Working closely with FFCR, inelion first designed a functional prototype to ensure it would work exactly the way they needed it to. Since entering operational status four years ago, the system has needed only minimal updates and continues to work flawlessly, allowing FFCR to ensure that the foster children of Florida receive the best possible foster care.


Broward Regional Health Planning Council: Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence System

Tasked with collecting and analyzing data from the major hospitals in the state of Florida, Broward Regional Health Planning Council (BRHPC) turned to inelion to design and manage the complex task of building a system that automatically pulled data from hospital databases and then analyzed it based on a complex system of predefined metrics. Both the state and hospitals then used the reports generated by the system to determine how effective they were in treating patients for various illnesses. The system is responsible for storing non-HIPAA data on millions of patients and then analyzing how effectively they were treated based on predefined metrics created specifically for the medical industry. Using the reports generated by the system, a hospital can determine how well they are treating any particular kind of illness or group of patients. The state can also get an overview of how all the hospitals in the state are performing in general – thus allowing both the state and hospitals to provide better health care to the people of Florida.

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